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IT Managed Services

Managed Services allows you to focus on your core business without worrying about the day to day operations of keeping your business IT working properly. We at ROI Tech Services accomplish this through proactive management, securing your information technology networks and monitoring your systems and applications 24×7. Because of our investments in best in class tools we apply the principals of remote management, automation, centralization, and monitoring, to your environment and we are able to effectively and efficiently be a catalyst for optimizing your business.

Develop a Predictable IT Budget
ROI Tech Services offers scalable, flat-fee pricing for Managed Services that gives you the clarity on your yearly IT budget. We also act as a virtual CIO for your IT investments and provide updates on necessary or recommended capital or operational investments so your budget stays intact. With ROI Tech Services you can be assured of having accurate budget forecasting.

Value Pricing
ROI Tech Services offers scalable flat-fee pricing for Managed Network Services. Our subscription fees vary based on service level agreements and can grow with your business. Managed Service enable accurate budget forecasting and provide access to automated tools, facilities, and trained personnel that add value to your business.

Reduce Downtime and Lower Costs
By utilizing outsourced IT services for your company’s IT network, you’ll save on improved uptime on your core business while we monitor, patch, upgrade, secure, and support your network and desktop infrastructure. This proactive maintenance approach effectively mitigates IT risks, leading to fewer and less severe incidents.

With ROI Tech Services proactive managed services, you will enjoy:

    • Proactive network management, desktop support, network security and/or managed hosting

    • Remote monitoring and management of servers and devices (24×7)

    • Scheduled maintenance

    • Security and risk management

    • Anti-virus management and verification

    • Spam filtering*

    • Automated alerting and event notification

    • Patch management

    • Dynamic password management of administrator passwords

    • Event log analysis, clean up, and reporting

    • Online and onsite backup for data integrity*

    • Performance and capacity (bandwidth) monitoring and management

    • Emergency support (24 x 7)*

    • Asset and software management

    • Expert-on-demand access and remote management capabilities

    • Access to automation tools and enterprise products

*optional add-ons to program


Virtualization and Cloud Service

If you don’t have a virtualization strategy, you need one. While the traditional server-desktop infrastructure is still valuable, it’s soon to be outdated, as many software vendors are demanding a single server for their application for peak performance.  And, if you’ve got multiple applications that require isolation, your infrastructure is unnecessarily taking up space and revenue. With a traditional infrastructure, the costs of hardware, software and maintenance add up fast.  A slightly larger upfront investment in Virtualization and Cloud Computing can allow for continued growth with very little additional expense in the long run.

Server Virtualization

With proper design and deployment, Server Virtualization makes managing multiple servers easy and efficient.  It also gives you exponential flexibility, making it a must have for ANY small, medium or large business – especially if you want room for that business to grow.

Desktop Virtualization

The logical extension of Server Virtualization is Desktop Virtualization, which extends your infrastructure beyond the server. Because of the advancements in both hardware and virtualization software, Desktop Virtualization today can deliver the same user experiences as a full PC. However, you get a lower “Total Cost of Ownership,” quick deployment and better, more facile management tools.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing you can further the efficiency of your IT – but only if you do it right. Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Rackspace all have offerings for you to ‘easily’ enter the world of the cloud, but you need someone who has deep expertise in the technology and understands your business to help you make it work for you.  Don’t go it alone.

Virtualization and Cloud Services:

  • Desktop Virtualization

  • Server Virtualization

  • Virtualization Management

  • Virtualization Deployments

  • Cloud Computing Integration Planning

  • Cloud based Web Hosting

  • Cloud Storage

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange

  • Hosted Spam, Virus Filtering

  • Distributed Computing

  • VMware

  • Hyper-V

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect the business and data you’ve built
Are you prepared for the unexpected? How long would it take for your business to recover from a disaster in which all of your data disappeared? And what impact would a data leak have on your customer relationships?
ROI Tech Services strategic backup and disaster recovery plan can ensure the safety of your data, your business, and your reputation.

With ROI Tech Services Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Plans you can:
• Alleviate fears of losing data with regularly scheduled backups
• Replace antiquated systems with modern technology that keeps your data up to date and secure
• Protect against losing critical customer data and reduce potential liabilities
• Ensure you are back in business quickly in the event of natural and other disasters
• Defend your bottom line withROI Tech Services assurance that your email, systems, and more are protected and ready for a quick recovery

A backup service tailored to your business needs

Virtual CIO

Our Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) service helps small and medium sized enterprises manage Information Technology in order to redirect their focus away from IT problems and towards their core business. Among other things, a Virtual CIO will take charge of your information technology infrastructure to:

  1. Ensure Operational Productivity – your critical business systems need to be proactively managed to reduce the likelihood of unplanned business downtime.

  2. Maintain Connectivity – Network and Message – keeping you connected to your office, co-workers and customers at all times

  3. Manage Security Risks – taking precautions to guard confidential information and keep you free from viruses, spyware and spam

  4. Create a Disaster Recovery Strategy – avoid unnecessary downtime and have the ability to recover from foreseeable computer problems in a timely and predictable fashion – it’s not “if” a problem will occur but “when” that we prepare for.

Virtual CIO Process

  1. Assess where you are with an IT Systems Audit This covers all hardware and software systems, and network security.

  2. Document Findings Results are presented as a comprehensive report outlining areas of strength, weakness, and recommendations

  3. Present Recommendations including: a. Tactical recommendations – things you must do to stay in business (e.g. no back-ups, setup firewall, etc) b. Strategic recommendations – things you should do to maintain business continuity (e.g. upgrade operating system, implement system monitoring, virtualize servers, etc.)

  4. Implement mutually agreed upon recommendations

  5. Continually assess business needs

Virtual CIO Benefits

When you rent a CIO or “part time CIO” as some people call it, keep in mind that a Virtual CIO comes in as your business partner helping you focus on your business needs. While we may have deep technical skills, we are much more than a technical employee looking for direction. We help set the direction for your business, develop the plan, and ensure that the plan is executed.

  • Through our Virtual CIO you get access to our entire team experts capable of providing a broader spectrum of experience across many technologies – eliminating the need for you to support a staff trained in multiple disciplines.

  • As a result of specialists handling tasks instead of generalists – you get better service and better solutions.

  • Your Virtual CIO should lower your IT-related expenses – since you are only paying for services you use.

  • A Virtual CIO comes with established methods and procedures to account for work performed – a level of accountability that you likely would not receive from technical employees.

  • On-call 24 hours a day for whatever problems may arise means faster response times to whatever the situation is that could be potentially disruptive to your business.

How the Virtual CIO/CTO Service Can Help Your Bottom Line

  • Decrease the costs of IT expertise

  • Increase your business’s agility

  • Meet every IT challenge

  • Align IT with your business goals

  • Create a living strategic roadmap for success

  • Benefit from our industry-proven results-based methodology

IT Consulting

Are you getting  enough bang for your buck with your current IT? ROI Tech Services offers IT Consulting services that will help you enjoy the benefits of technology and get ahead of the competition. IT Consulting provides solid solutions for your business that are both affordable and customized to your business.

Your IT Consulting plan from ROI Tech Services includes:

  • IT Evaluation – weak and sensitive areas in your IT system with the potential for security risk are pinpointed by our technicians to design and create a cost-effective IT solution that is unique to your business challenges.

  • IT Installation – we install your unique IT plan, using trusted vendor partnerships and strategic planning making sure you receive the highest quality IT solution that paves the way to your company’s success.

  • Technology Regulation – we suggest well-planned security solutions to make sure your business can survive a disaster.

ROI Tech Services

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